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We custom design the sofas using the best quality material. This helps in creating brilliant rich looking sofas with unique designs and we make sure that the durability is increased by 10 fold. The reason for the long durability is that every frame gets treated 100% solid ‘ginisapu’ wood. We also provide a company warranty to make sure the customers know that we value them. with We make sure that the detailed designs of the furniture are worth the price.

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Our Featured Products

From the best quality to the comfort that our customers expect, it is a whole package. Here is a sneak peek into how we deliver a cozy setting, to a luxury sleep-in kind of atmosphere with our designs. We have done it all. Here are some featured products.

Our Product Categories

Corner Sofas

Providing ample seating with sectional sofas. It offers a versatile modular design for a living room. The perfect furniture style for a happy family time. It also makes efficient use of the area. 

L Shape Sofas

This brilliant design is perfect to fit into the corners, this is why it is quite popular today, because of its ability to act as a room divider, and also this characteristic shape makes it unique.

Living Room Sets

Usually come with a sofa and loveseat, but could also include a recliner, accent chair, or ottoman, depending on the set, this is all for you to decide. A  suite of furniture for the living room makes it the perfect space to relax and unwind within a household.

Recliner Sofas

Put your feet up and relax with the recliner sofas. The ultimate comfort is available in whatever your taste and in various materials. When it comes to reclining sofas, you have countless choices to help you create a wonderful space that will be just right for enjoying movies with the family or having guests over for beverages.

Sofa Beds

We have an almost infinite playground of high-quality swatches for you to choose from and to secure the longevity of your sofa beds. Whether you prefer simple or luxury our wide range of sofa beds is designed with practicality, space, and style in mind


Customised solutions for any professional setting. Built by our experts and customized by yourself, we deliver meticulously crafted chairs around your budget to elevate your experience.

Why choose us

  1. We custom design all sofas and have a broad range of colors that we work with.
  2. All the sofas are 100% cotton fabric.
  3. We maintain high quality when we design your sofas and have a warranty for sofas.
  4. All the frames are treated 100% with ‘ginisapu’ wood.
  5. We supply sofas for most of the leading companies in Sri Lanka.
  6. We have been in the business for years with good expertise.